SINOPACIFIC on the way of restructuring and transformation,Chairman states so on CANSI Council Meeting

The Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Standing Council of China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry (CANSI) was held on March 19-20 in Ningbo, Zhejiang. On March 21, over 80 delegates headed by CANSI President ZHANG Guangqin visited Zhejiang Shipbuilding Company under SINOPACIFIC Shipbuilding Group (SINOPACIFIC).

CANSI President ZHANG Guangqin pointed out that under current market environment, shipbuilding enterprises should deal with the challenges listed as below: Leverage innovated research and development for new orders; improve product quality to strengthen brand reputation; intensify employee team for a sound management foundation; with the aid of transformation to improve comprehensive competitiveness. President ZHANG highlighted the experience of SINOPACIFIC by setting foothold in Shanghai headquarter as well as making good use of two shipyards’ regional resource.

Simon LIANG, Chairman and CEO of SINOPACIFIC, delivered a speech focused on transformation at the meeting. “When entering a new sector, we always take the following two factors into account: Shareholder returns and sustainable development,” Mr. LIANG explained so when recalling SINOPACIFIC’s entry into shipbuilding sector 10 years ago. “Since the very beginning, we decided not to compete with domestic enterprises”.

SINOPACIFIC puts focus to those sectors claiming for high level of Capital, technology, international competition or management. Mr. LIANG said: “With cheap labor as competitive edge, China has witnessed high-speed development in the past 30 years. However, there is no consistent population dividend any longer in the future. The value of creation will manifest itself. It is urgent to commence on transformation and upgrading from manufacturing to creation.”

Mr. LIANG also emphasized the key role of differentiated competition played in building an enterprise’s core competitiveness. “Our Zhejiang Shipbuilding Company positioned itself as a niche market leader, which enables a private enterprise like us to make best use of limited resources.” Said he.

SINOPACIFIC’s 20/80 product strategy also was mentioned by Mr. LIANG: “Leverage 20% product design to cover 80% major market needs, this strategy was widely implemented since the establishment of SINOPACIFIC, and which helped us to gain advantages when cultivating market.” It’s introduced that since 2008, SINOPACIFIC started to further upgrade OSV products to a higher level through technical innovation so as to meet customers’ diversified needs, and in hence to speed up the company’s internationalization process.

Mr. LIANG added that: “We set up our headquarter in Shanghai and take international metropolis as centre of our strategic decision, research & development and marketing activities, because this can benefit us on recruiting international talents and any other movement in which, the international resources served as a key entry.”

At Jingang Hotel (Headquarter of Evergreen Holding Group, the mother group of SINOPACIFIC) on the evening of March 20, SINOPACIFIC held a dinner party to entertain delegates present at the meeting. Mr. JIANG Qiang, Co-CEO of SINOPACIFIC delivered a speech at the party to extend his appreciation to the organizer of the meeting for providing valuable opportunities for industrial insiders to exchange viewpoints, and extend his appreciation to various social circles for their vigorous support to SINOPACIFIC in past years.